About the journey…

I set out to have a blog about the journey of pregnancy… and i think I did that to a point, but now it is much, much more.  Our baby, Kavin, had a life threatening condition when he was born and this blog became my place to voice that journey as well.  And now… motherhood is AMAZING!  God spared our son and we are enjoying him every moment.  So, this blog is now about the things I am pondering in this new season… so… welcome!  The journey of life is beautiful.


Pregnancy:  exciting, scary, wonderful, nerve-wracking, dreams, and fears all rolled into nine months of expectation.

I am a first-time mom expecting at the end of March 2010.  I am also a follower of Jesus Christ.  All the thoughts, emotions, and to-dos in expectation of one of God’s greatest miracles, I have been in search of a Biblical and inspirational devotional for pregnancy.  When I didn’t find one that fits my needs, I decided to write my own!

This blog is dedicated to the journey of faith I am currently on… the journey of expectation… in hopes to encourage and inspire other like-minded women seeking to address the real joy and fears along the way through prayer, encouragement, and scripture.  This blog is also a melting pot of my ideas that will, Lord willing, turn into a pregnancy devotion that will help the women after me along their physical and spiritual journey of pregnancy.

Enjoy, share, laugh, cry… and always look to Him!

S. Scott


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