Lessons from the Hesitant Jogger

July 19, 2011

God has blessed me with a neighbor who lives four houses down from me, also a stay-at-home mom.  She is so sweet, kind, and encouraging.  Such an answer to prayer.

So, she is very active and fit and enjoys running.  I hate running, well, I use to.  This Thursday will be the fourth time I will go out with her to jog (and admittingly walk) and I am feeling great!

It seems, however, that every time we go out, she says, “you want to run gazzillion miles?” with a smile on her face.  Well, actually, the first time it was 2, the second time we jogged a little more than 2, but TODAY… yikes!  It was 3, but 1.5 miles down hill… and you guessed it, 1.5 miles up hill.  For those who know the area, we went from Chattsworth to Nordoff on Balboa and back.

So, my thoughts:

As I was jogging the first 1.5 miles I thought “I can’t make it” and then I told myself, just focus on the next step.  Can you make that?  Yes, and yes, and yes.  And I jogged the whole 1.5 miles!  Granted I was still slower than my “coach”, but I made it!  I was thinking… any hard or difficult season, if we look ahead at the whole way we think “I can’t”, but if we focus on the next step only, soon we find ourselves going further than we could imagine.

Another thought as I pushed myself and the stroller up a killer hill, “Oh!!!  So THIS is what it means in Habbakuk that He will make my feet like hinds feet!”  Youv’e got to go up the hills to get the feet.  For a moment I imagined Jesus walking right there with me saying, “you can do it!  Keep on going!  I am with you!”  As so, in order to have “spiritual hinds feet” we have got to push through some tough “hills” in life… but then, we will leap from mountain top to mountain top, praising the Lord.  I am looking forward to both my physical and spiritual hinds feet.

Habbakuk 3:19 The Lord GOD is my strength, And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, And makes me walk on my high places.






  1. Very well written!!! I love the “one step at a time.” That is what helps me at times when things are difficult. Thanks for the reminder, Seana!! Love you!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Cecelia and for all your encouragment. I am so thankful for you as a “spiritual” mama. You are a blessing!

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