July 12, 2011

Dissipation.  That is a big word, even to this “journalism major” from college.  I visited SomaLA this weekend, a church in Burbank, and the speaker preached on Luke 21 about the end times… cool stuff.  When he got to verse 34 and read “dissipation” I ASSUMED it was something bad like being under the influence of a substance… but no.  I was wrong… AND wow… I needed to know what it meant!

Dictionary.com has a great definition that brings it home for me:  a wasting by misuse.  When Jesus was giving instructions to His disciples about the end times He virtually said, “Don’t waste!”  I infer that this infiltrates all areas of my life.  Don’t waste my time, don’t waste my resources, don’t be lazy, etc.  But in a positive way, what it means is be intentional!  Be dilligent!  Make the most of every opportunity! Utilize all your reources for what pleases the Lord.  Every miniute is important to the preparation for the end.

Being a stay-at-home mom, I can easily justify wastefulness in my lack of dilligence by saying, “I am taking care of my son.”  But the reality is, there is so much more my HEART can do in the fullness of the day by praying and worshipping.  It doesn’t change the schedule one bit.  Every chore still gets done… it is not another weight or burden, but it breaths life and purpose and Kingdom stewardship into everything.

I am tired of feeling weighed down.  Do this, do that.  Don’t to this.  Don’t do that.  You really should be more like that… all the while trying to manufacture a holy life with unholy striving… Yet the Gospel says in Luke 21:34, “be on your guard so your hearts willnot be weighed down with dissipation, drunkeness and the worries of life…”  Whew!  The Gospel is good news because it frees us from the weight of the world and brings us into freedom.  It is for freedom that Christ set us free, so therefore to not be bound again to the yoke of slavery (paraphrase Galatians 5:1).

I came home this Sunday asking the Lord to breath the life of the Gospel into every knook and cranny.  To reveal the idols of my heart and tear down those high places where I try to satisfy my soul with false things.  The biggest thing He revealed to me is being so busy and “productive” yet being weighed down by misuse of time.  What a wonderful revelation.  What a wonderful promise that as I seek the Lord, my heaviness turns to freedom and my dissipation… into purposeful life-giving moments.


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