Jesus: My Stillness

April 20, 2011

I sat in silence in my prayer closet: the floor of our 1/2 bath off the kitchen.  The only place in the house I am not distracted with to-dos and un-dones.  I close my eye to nestle into God’s presence.  Just to be still.  Listen.  He has heard enough from me today.  I need to hear from Him.  Then a picture comes that explains.  He shows me my state… and His power.

It is night-time.  The sky a deep blue with thick dominating clouds tinted deep silvers where the moon highlights their shape.  I sit in the front of a little fisherman boat holding onto the oar, wearing a thick jacket and jeans.  All alone.  A storm rages around me as if waves are dancing to a climatic clashing orchestra of clanging instruments.  I need not look around and fall dismayed.  I know there is nowhere to go as the threatening waves swirl upwards and declare total destruction.

I watch the front of the boat move softly along the water as dry as a vessel in a pond. I glide along in total peace.  Each movement unpredictable, yet stable and secure.  Perfect stillness infuses my inner being as the gentle breeze pushes me forward. Smooth waters invisible to the eye lead me on the course of His choosing.

If for a moment I pose a doubt or fear the waves; if for a moment I mistrust or calculate in self-sufficiency, the salty waters would rip through me like abrasive sand paper and destroy my life completely.

The secret is not my navigator strategy or assessment of weather patterns.  The secret is not my tenacity to dodge 100 foot walls of gnarly waves.  The secret is remaining surrendered, secure, and confident in the One who created both the sea and me from the depths of the earth.

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower.  The righteous run into it and are safe.- Psalm 18:10


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