Law and Order: Guilty as Charged!

July 17, 2010

Last night I dreamt I was right in the middle of a Law and Order investigation.  I listened to fellow investigators discuss “who done it” and one replied, “how can you be sure? We don’t have the evidence to show it.”

I reviewed the subconscious scene consciously as I fed Kavin early this morning.  As my mind reviewed the memory, I wondered if there is enough evidence stacked up against me.

If I were to be charged as a “follower of Jesus Christ” would there be enough evidence in my life to effectively charge me with  “guilty?”  Would an investigative team find neighbors, family, friends, or co-workers that would testify to my lifestyle of total surrender to the King?  Would a look through my computer reveal a person consumed with the passion of following Christ?  Would an audit of my financial records reveal wise stewardship and generosity in line with scripture?  What evidence would be compiled?  What testimonies would be gathered?  This is one crime for which I want to be guilty as charged.



  1. May I be guilty as charged as well!!!!!!

  2. Each time I read your blog and I am so blessed. Thank you so much for using your God given talent to bless others. You are an amazing woman, wife, mom and friend… Luv U so much.!! :=)

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