Why I believe

June 15, 2010

So, why do I believe in Jesus?
Let me clarify. Lots of people “believe in Jesus”, but what do they believe about Him? Some say He is a wise prophet. Others say a regular man in history. I say He is my Savior from sin and eternal death, God made flesh and still living at the right hand of God in Heaven.

Why? Why do I believe such fantastical nonsense to an unbelieving world? Why do I make myself out to be a fool to the “seeing is believing” age? Why do I cast all my cares upon someone I cannot touch? To me, it is simple… I HAVE SEEN HIM!

Okay, okay. I have not seen Him in the way I may see my husband as we sit together over a meal. Yet I have seen Him in the very fabric of my life. I have seen His creative power in the tumbles of the ocean waves and in the choir song of the woods.

Yet the power that unmistakably revealed His authority and reality in my life came to me in the dark of night.

In Mark chapter one Jesus displayed Himself in person to the people in Capernaum. He taught the scriptures with authority that “not even the scribes” replicated. Yet one of the most significant “signs” of His power, in my opinion, is the power over evil forces.

Mark 1:27: …What is this? A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey Him.”

We all hear of the “boogie man” fears children have in the dark. I too, as a young person, battled fears of my own. My “boogie man” infiltrated nighttime dreams with ugly creatures attempting to kill me. Often I woke up paralyzed and not able to breath, without the ability to “see” my captors. These forces traveled from real spaces of unseen places and not the imagination of my mind. The thickness of evil made nighttime something I feared while I begged for daylight.

I met a Christian, a mom of one of my friends, whom I told about these night terrors. She understood the truth I explained and taught me to say the name of Jesus at the next attack, and the evil forces must flee. “For Jesus has authority over the enemy,” she said.

That night I climbed in bed apprehensive, but prepared. The dreams came along again with the choking and paralyzed wakefulness. As fast as I could grasp for enough air to speak, I called for Him, “Jesus!” Like magic, the evil pressure lifted off my body and I no longer lay captive to my tormenters. Peace replaced anxiety and I thanked God for His power.

Since then, I call on the name of Jesus to deliver me from many evils. Sometimes they disappear instantly, and other times He gives me strength and endurance to persevere, but all the while granting me victory as I trust in Him.

If I trust in His power to save me from evil, than I know I can trust He is good. So, I turn to the Bible to learn more about this good man… and find my Savior. I still can’t see Jesus as I see my loved ones, but I can see His power, which is better than seeing His flesh and more real than touching His hand. This is one of the many reasons I believe.


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