Praise/Prayer Update: Baby Kavin

May 14, 2010

So, I thought it important to list out some of the ways God has been answering prayer since many of our friends and family have been so diligent at interceeding for us.  THANK YOU!!!

Kavin is home now (for two weeks) and we are soaking up and enjoying every moment!  He is off of all breathing support and care: just a normal baby at home with his family.  WE REJOICE IN THAT!  Every time we look at him, we praise God for His mercy and are grateful for your prayers.


This list is sooo long, it would take me forever to recount, so here are some highlights-

1. Praise Jesus for sustaining Kavin through surgery, for the wisdom of the doctors, and the ease of the procedure.  Something tlife threatening appeared simple- we know because of God’s hand!

2. Praise Jesus for Kavin’s speedy recovery and no infections!!

3. Praise Jesus for there being enough lung tissue and for God expanding his right lung after surgery.  It now fills the chest cavity!!!

4. Praise Jesus for his intestines functioning normally and he is not only holding down food, but we have not experienced any of the side affects the doctors warned us about- in particular the reflux.

5. Praise Jesus that Kavin is able to process mother’s milk and after a month of tubes and then bottles, God allowed him to be able to breast feed:  something that is very important to me and I praise Jesus for giving me the petition of my heart.

6. Praise Jesus for the love and support of family and friends during the very difficult time at the hospital for the month of April… and now as we settle and learn how to be parents at home.  We are constantly encouraged by their love: even people we hardly know.  God has used others to pour out buckets of care.

7. Praise Jesus for the many times we have already been able to share the goodness of the Lord to others through Kavin’s sickness and divine healing.

8.  Praise Jesus for healing Kavin so quickly and for His continued healing of Kavin’s lungs as the tissue matures and develops.

9. Praise Jesus for His providing for our every need: physically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and financially.  He is the great provider and sustains us constantly.

10. Praise Jesus for granting the petition of our hearts and returning Kavin into our care.  We are filled with such deep, deep joy with God’s mercy and compassion.

11.  Praise Jesus for all the unseen miracles and movements of His hand- that without, Kavin would not be well on his way and we would not be sustained in all ways.


1. For continued provision for all our needs in all ways.

2. For wisdom to know how to take care and love Kavin.

3. For Kavin’s lungs to fully mature and for him to not contract any infections or sicknesses, which could lead to serious complications quickly.

4. For God’s direction in all decisions our family makes.

5. For continued unity and strength of our marriage relationship.

6. In all things, for Christ to be more… and us to be less.


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  1. And the people said…..AMEN!!!

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