I Surrender All

May 11, 2010

I surrender all… I surrender all… all to You my blessed Savior… I surrender all

Tears streamed down my face as I sang the chorus to this song over and over again in the mother’s room at the NICU.  What else could I do?  God isn’t my puppet to do what I want Him to.  I am His servant.  He is my Savior.  So, as I laid my petitions before Him to heal my new baby boy, I realized He may decide to take Him home to be with Him instead.  In the days of absolute dependancy on the Sovergnity of God, I learned surrender.

Other pivotal memories of alters of surrender in my relationship with Jesus come into mind as I reflect upon these past weeks.  But the alter of my Issac: surrendering my son of promise to the Lord of Heaven, is by far the greatest sacrifice of praise I have offered my King.

Now I sit here at home and thank the Lord for returning my son to me, as I hug him for the hundredth time today.  I listen to him coo in his crib after a feeding and ponder the miracle of life in Kavin.  Yet, still, as I anxiously ask a zillion questions and discover my insecurity in my adequacy of motherhood, I once again returned to the chorus of my song:

I surrender all…. I surrender all… All to You my precious Savior… I surrender all.

I surrender how to take care of him.

I surrender how to balance home and motherhood, while keeping my husband my priority.

I surrender seeking the Lord with all my heart, when my heart is so busy with new things.

I surrender all decisions for our family that knock at the door.

I surrender people’s opinions and expectations.

I surrender the laundry pile… and the pile of mail.

I surrender God’s will for my life, for our lives.

I surrender my concerns for today and my hopes for tomorrow.

Because I have learned through this trial that control is only an illusion and surrender is where sweet unity with Christ really begins.



  1. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL. Seana, simple from your heart ❤

    He knows the that I take: when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold Job 23:10

    We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character: and character, hope Romans 5:3-4

    Keep looking up my friend – its all in His CONTROL. Love in Jesus precious name ❤ ❤ ❤ hulette <

  2. Dear Seana, i really admire your faith and what an example you are for me! Thank you for let the Lord use you in any way he pleases. Thank you because while you are learning a new stage of you life, you remind us all what have to have priority in our busy life what is really worthy in this world.
    God Bless you and i know he won’t put you in any situation where you can’t handle. I love you so much sister, but our Father loves you even more…
    Thank you for let us be part of this miraculous proof of God’s love.

  3. As always a revealing realization of what surrender really means to the love of God and the salvation of Christ. HE IS IN CONTROL. For you, and I, that is such a major door to constantly leave wide open for “thy will, not mine, Lord”. “When he brings you to it, he’ll bring you throuh it” as is being witnessed, right now, in your wonderous experience of motherhood.

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