Kavin Update #6

April 26, 2010

Life seems to be a marathon right now.  At first this experience seemed to be a sprint, but now that Kavin is beyond the “life and death” stage, onto the “takes time to heal”, perseverance and patience are the daily bread we cling to the Lord for.  Today I meditated on all God has done and wrote the following thoughts in my journal:

Only the Lord: Can create a human being

Only the Lord: could hold Kavin’s life in the palm of His hand

Only the Lord: can give him breath to breath

Only the Lord: can orchestrate his medical care

Only the Lord: sustained his life through the invasive surgery

Only the Lord: can cause his lungs to grow and improve

Only the Lord: can heal his intestines

Only the Lord: is our hope and peace

Only the Lord: can teach Kavin how to feed

Only the Lord: can calm his stomach

Only the Lord: can protect him from infections

Only the Lord: gives us faith for today

Only the Lord: sustains us in His love

Only the Lord: provides for our every need

Only the Lord: knows what we will need tomorrow

Only the Lord: has all our days numbered

Only the Lord: Conquers sin, death, and disease

Many comment on our faith, but it is as simple as this: who else would we turn to?  When only the Lord is sufficient for all things.  Where else would we go?  To a human?  To modern medicine?  Only the Lord uses these things and His power to bring healing.  I have no where else to turn greater than the Lord.  The Lord sustains life… and gives breath.



  1. Good morning! What wonderful, awe inspiring and insightful truths. We are merely instruments in God’s great plan and must go where he leads, and follow in knowing the absolute truth that He has a reason for all things under heaven.

  2. Seana, we have been praying for baby Kavin, you and
    Scott. This past week I heard of a verse that really impressed me, “Christ in you the hope of Glory.” It is because of Christ in us, we can still have hope in times of trial. Through these trials, He is glorified. This is what I see in your sharing. Only the Lord heals, restores
    and provides. Praise God my dear sister. I’ll be
    praying that baby Kavin can join you and Scott soon.

  3. ~Tears of Joy~ We love you!! Praise the Lord for all 3 of you… What an inspiration and absolute blessing to share in this journey with you. Thank you! ♥

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