Baby Kavin Update #5

April 19, 2010

Praise the Lord!  Kavin made it through surgery with flying colors.  This week has flown by, Jason and I staying by his side as much as possible.  We have seen the Lord in a whole new light, as we wait upon Him to heal the son He has gifted us with.

Discouragement hit me today. We were told Kavin’s air tube would be taken out, but when we arrived, we learned his numbers were not strong enough.  Also, yesterday they started him on pedialite, but then backtracked to iv fluids again today.  As tears of frustration came to my eyes, the Lord reminded me of the devotion Jason and I read earlier in the morning together.

The Israelites in the wilderness received manna from the Lord on a daily basis.  The Lord sustained them daily, so that they knew their dependency was on Him.  I keep longing for tomorrow… hoping that we will be closer to taking him home.  Yet the Lord is our all-sufficient grace for today.  His Word says, “do not worry about tomorrow… for today has enough trouble of its own.”  Faith and grace are for the moment.  How dependent we are on Him!!  God already knew that Kavin would be where he is… and God is still good and provides our needs in the wilderness.

Kavin needs continued prayer for healing and protection from sickness.  His lungs need to continue to strengthen and support his system, his diaphragm and intestines to function with wholeness.  As soon as these things happen, he can start feeding, we can then start holding him…. and eventually take him HOME! 🙂

Thank you for your prayers and standing in the gap with us for this precious life.  He has been born into adversity, but also, born into victory in Christ Jesus!  Amen and amen.



  1. standing with you and excited to see how much glory is getting out of all of this. Strength does come as we wait upon the LORD!

  2. Our love and prayers are with you at all times. May you continue to feel God’s love and his arms around all three of you giving you complete protection and peace…. He never leaves your side. Joni >

  3. That little boy has been guided by the lord since day 1 and my family and I are praising god with you for the small victories you have and pray that you will soon be rewarded with the ability to hold your baby boy. We love you and are praying for continued recovery. love Abbi

  4. Praying and praying and praying for you guys!

  5. Your faith is a true inspiration. We pray that you can bring Kavin heal so quickly that the doctors just cannot even believe it & that they proclaim there is no other explanation than a miracle from the Good Lord above. And that you can bring your gift from God home soon. Your entire family is in our prayers daily.

  6. We will continue to pray for little Kavin as well as you and P-Jason. I printed out something you said “Faith and grace are for the moment.” This is a good reminder for all of us. Our Lord is with you and so are our prayers.
    Steve & Rhonda

  7. We so believe in miracles. Our prayers are with you. He always leads us in His victory.

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