Baby Kavin Update #2

April 9, 2010

Every day Kavin seems to get more adorable and handsome.  Yesterday we got to see him open his eyes for a little while and squirm around… he is soooo cute!  We even got to touch his toes…His feet are so big and his toes so long.  No wonder we were inspired to make his nursery a monkey room :-).  I cant wait until we can hold him in our arms.  It is so hard to see him just lye there and we can’t pick him up to comfort him.  Jason and I sing praise songs and read the word to him, asking God to wrap him in His arms instead of our own.

it has been almost a week now and it is starting to catch up with us.  I am sooooo exhausted all the time.  Jason has so much faith and strength that I draw from.  God broke the mold when He created Jason.  He knows just how to minister to me and just the word to say at the right time.

We have been so blessed by the many text messages, cards, meals, encouragements and facebook posts.  We don’t have the energy to respond, BUT PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!  They are often the very thing we need to give us more breath to persevere in the strength of the Lord.


Last night as I pour out my heart to the Lord in the nursery, I asked the Lord to lead me to a scripture.  He led me to Psalm 86 and when I came to verse 16, I just got the chills.

16 Turn to me and have mercy on me;
grant your strength to your servant
and save the son of your maidservant.

The exact petition of my heart came from the pages of scripture.  God reminded me through this that He DOES hear the petitions of our hearts and gives us the strength we need.


We are set to meet with the surgeon tomorrow (Friday).  The nurse told us today that surgery will be scheduled for Monday.  He is stable and slowly progresses in strength.  We are still praying for a miracle and that surgery will not be needed, but like Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, God is leading us to dedicate this child to the Lord.  He is not our own… and thus, God’s will be done to that which will bring Him most glory.  It is hard for my “mothers heart” to mean that 100% of the time… but this too is pruning our own trust in the Lord.


– For miraculous healing

– For fully developed lungs that function at 100% capacity

– For strong heart

– For healthy organs and tissues to be in  all the right places (whether by miracle or by the miracle of modern medicine)

– For the nurses and doctors to be led by the Lord

– For Kavin to have favor with both God and man.

– Protection against the enemy and his wicked schemes.  That no weapon formed against us shall prosper!

– For him to come home to us quickly and full of health

– For us to be open to be used of God even in the midst of our own challenges

– For continued oneness in our marriage as we minister to one another in love




  1. Praying for you. Thanks for sharing your heart so we can pray more effectively. Love you all and looking forward to seeing Kavin!
    Dave, Kari, Matt & Christina

  2. Dear Ones
    We are praying constantly for you all.
    Much love in Him


  3. I love the Scotts. Praying praying praying.

  4. Jason, Seana and Kavin,

    Our prayers are for you and with you. Kavin is so wonderfully made… and we know he is surrounded by love. Praying for you from Romania… along with many of your Romanian friends.
    Love to all!

  5. * God bless you Seana and Jason and your little boy! I have prayed and prayed and will continue… God is good and I know he has this sisuation in the palm of his hand. I am so proud of you … for your strength and faith! God will reward you with many blessings- keeping you in my thoughts and prayers-Hugs….hugs ..hugs-
    Love, Andie (Laura’s Mama )

  6. *You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord…. who abide in his shadow for life… say to the Lord “My refuge..my rock in whom I trust”
    And he will raise you up on eagle’s wings
    Bear you on the breath of dawn
    Make you to shine like the sun..
    And hold you..
    And hold you….
    And hold you..
    Hold you in the palm of his hand *

  7. Blessed Baby Kavin, Seanna and Jason…. May you continue to feel God’s presence as you journey to Kavin’s miraculous healing. We serve an awesone God. It is only through our love and trust in HIM that we are able to get through the challanges that we encounter in our lifetime. Seanna, you are an amazing and Godly woman and I love you so much. Jason, you are an amazing and Godly man and Seanna is so blessed to have you as her husband. Baby Kavin is blessed to have the two of you as his parents. I am praying for miraculous healing and that you continue to feel Our Lord’s arms securely around the three of you… God bless, Joni

  8. Hi Guys,

    I’ve been blessed by watching and learning from you both. This…this is just a situation God has placed you both for His BIG plan!! Not only to strenghten you but to minister to others and the Dr’s and the nurses and all those on facebook. YAY!! =)

    Kavin will be running around before you know it, getting into things, climing up the couch and wanting to go to work with daddy, thats a great picture! I thank the Lord for allowing us to see Him in you guys! Prasie Him for all his Love! =)

    Josh and I love you guys and keep you in our prayers…AND Joey and lizzy too…

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