Update Baby Scott #1

April 6, 2010

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Well, I am exhausted after much of a whirlwind and still healing from the c-section, so I will keep this brief.

God is Good.

I use to joke around that labor was my biggest fear in life, yet as Jason and I walked over to “labor and delivery” after our 10am “check-up” appointment where I learned, “Your in labor!”  (hey, it’s my first time-lol)… I felt this calm, confident, peace that I knew God would carry us through the process… AND WHAT A PROCESS!

20+ hours later the time was ready and the little guy just would not move his head forward or backward, but remained tot he side.  What the nurse initially commented, “this will only take 15 minutes.  She is a pusher…” 2 hours later I am being wheeled off for a c-section.

I know the prayers people were praying were like incense before His throne because I had absolutely no fear.  “Fear not, for I am with you.”  The many worship songs Jason played on his ipod throughout the night came to mind.

Our baby boy: Kavin James Scott, was born at 12:59, 7.6 pounds and absulutly handsome!  We saw him for about 30 seconds as they wisked him away thinking he had some breathing issues.  “Ok… we can see him in a little while.”

In the surgery recovery room we learned that our baby boy was not coming back to us soon, but being transferred to another hospital becuase there is a hole in his disphram that caused his lower intestines to go up into his chest cavity, causing all kinds of havoc and making him critically unstable.

So, I managed to heal enough (but ouch, still in a lot of pain)… to get released late last night (4/4/10) to go see our little guy at the other hospital.  Although his face was mostly covered to keep him from being stimulated, I could tell he was just the cutestest thing ever… and today I got to see his whole face and body and just stand amazed at how beautiful he is.

So, bottom line, our precious angel is in God’s hands, where he should be anyway… and we are also in His hands.  Docs are hoping to do surgery this week, but several things need to happen:

1. He needs to become stable

2. He needs to be stable enough not to depend on the machines

3.  He needs to survive surgery

4. He needs to be strong enough to persevere to total healing after surgery

Doc says “he could go either way”, but I know that with Faith and trust in the Lord, there is only one way!

We know God is in the business of the impossible… and cares for every child He brings into this world.  Please pray for Baby Kavin to fight, to survive, and to testify to the Glory and Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ on His life.

Prayer Requests:

Body to stablize and strengthen

Organs to be fully developed and working well

Surgery to go smoothly and quickly without incident.  For God to divinely lead the doctors and health workers.

Any other issues we do not know about for God to heal them even before they could be discovered

Peace and patience and grace in the waiting

For baby to come home soon, whole and healthy

Faith in Christ to increase

REST and healing for mom and dad

For God to work all things to the good- for His glory!

Not sure how often I will post… really exhausted these days, but I will post short bits for prayer updates and put them on my facebook status… THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!



  1. Hi Seana,
    I just thank you so much for posting this. It must have taken such courage to sit down and compose this, gathering thoughts and dates and events, but it is so helpful to know EXACTLY what to pray for, what the immediate needs are. I am going to print it out for both Brian and I so that we can pray continuously.
    I love you and will be in prayer for you throughout the days ahead. Kavin is so blessed to have you for his mom!
    Much love and prayers,
    Cindy Marston

  2. Jason & Seana,
    Kavin is beautiful! He is so precious and valuable…what a treasure. We are praying fervently for your sweet family!
    Know that you are loved!

  3. Glory be to God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit! He is your fortress and He is Saviour risen! Congratulations on this new journey! Justin and I will be fervently praying for you! We love you guys and we can’t wait to meet baby Kavin. By the way, w love the name!

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray that your beautiful son gathers the needed strength from those around him to undergo and survive the surgery he needs. If I can help in anyway please let me know. Sending Love and Prayers

  5. Jason & Seana,
    The Lord is accomplishing his purpose in my little Kavin’s life. Look how many people you have bring us together in one spirit. We all are getting closer to the Lord and to you guys all because of him! My prayers for you and all the people who are taking care of my little (big) guy!!!

  6. Tell me what is impossible for God? Keep praying hard for my big guy Kavin! and strong mama and papa.

  7. Love you guys so much. Praying for Kavin. God is Mighty, continue to lean on Him.

    Love and Hugs

  8. Dear Jason and Seana,

    You words bring me to tears because I see such strong faith and love in this beautiful new family. Last night as I sat with my dad I found a book to read with songs by Bill and Gloria Gaither and why they were written. One of my favorites is BECAUSE HE LIVES, here are the words to the chorus and the second verse, I pray it gives you encouragement and peace.

    Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
    Because Christ lives, all fear is gone,
    Because I know He holds the future.
    And life is worth the living, just because He lives.

    How sweet to hold a newborn baby, and feel the pride, and joy he gives;
    But greater still the calm assurance, this child can face uncertain days because He lives.

    God grace and peace be with you every minute of every day as you look over your son and minister to those around you.

    With so much love and concern,
    Kay Norris

  9. Jason and Seana,
    Kavin is such a beautiful blessing! We know how tired you must be so thank you for posting the updates. We will be praying for you all. God is amazing in the good times but even more so in the tough times. God is definitely good all the time!!
    Many Hugs,
    Agustin and Gabby

  10. What a beautiful baby. Our prayers are with you and your family. We will get all our friends here in Canada on the prayers as well as friends in Colorado and elsewhere. We will be thinking of you Monday and will keep our prayers strong. God Bless.

  11. hi sweeties
    oh it hurts but with the hurt comes a purpose. you are shining brightly with love & hope and faith. may the three of you recieve much more as you need it and as you have opty to share.

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