February 11, 2010

This past week one of my spiritual mentors and friends, Pastor Gene, told me in a strict, but gentle voice, “You need to rest. You need to focus your energy within instead of without.” That same day I came home and my husband told me “You need to rest and focus your energy on taking care of your body and the baby growing in there.” Okay, Okay! I get it, Lord! I need to rest.

But there is so much to do! The baby’s clothes need to be washed and organized, the house needs to be tidy, the laundry folded, the taxes prepared, the groceries bought, people called, work prepared…. The list goes on and on.
Once again God draws me back to the story of Mary and Martha. You know the one. We have heard sermon after sermon on it. But the words in the story are guiding me into the depths of His spirit in a way uniquely more intimate than any time before.

As I re-read Luke 10:40, I discover another layer of truth hinged on one word. Luke writes, “But Martha was DISTRACTED with all the preparations that had to be made.” DISTRACTED? Why did he not use the word, “diligent” or “faithful”? Why did he not use the word “helpful” or “considerate”? Distracted. Distracted. That word convicts me. I don’t want to be distracted! I want to be diligent, faithful, helpful, and considerate!

It boils down to the bottom line: intimacy with Christ. Does he care that there is a rag sitting on the table on the porch? No. Not really. Is it honoring to take care of what He has given us? Of course! Yet, my question remains, “how, Lord? How can I be diligent and faithful to my responsibilities and not distracted?”

It’s the heart. It is the heart intimate with Christ that breaths His life into every activity. As we live IN the vine and not BESIDE the vine (John 15). So, I am not DISTRACTED with activity, but my activity is an outflow of attention to my relationship with the Lord.

What distracts you? Work deadlines? School papers? Kids’ schedules? Getting dinner on the table? Let us work diligently to sit at Jesus’ feet like Mary did. And Jesus said, “Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her.” Then, the outflow of our hearts being knitting with His, will lead us in all diligence in faithfulness to complete the tasks HE has given us to do.  At the end, as we stand before His throne we can then say like Jesus, “I have glorified You on earth, having accomplished the work which You have given me to do.” (John 17:4)

Oh! How I don’t want to live a distracted life!


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