Successful Living in Christ

January 14, 2010

I just looked outside towards the palm trees and olive trees that sit in our yard. For a moment I imagined myself as Sarah, Abraham’s wife. How I wish I could be like her! She was godly, faithful, and God blessed her with the son of promise- even though she sped ahead of God and tried to make His promise a reality in her time (Book of Genesis).

I also imagined for a moment that our property is God’s provision and direction of where to “pitch our tent.” I thought of no greater honor and privilege than to run a household and raise godly children- and for the first time I really meant it, in the depths of my heart. I know in and of myself I am but dust and not capable. Yet the Father lives in me! Something Sarah herself did not have…

Then the “to dos” rush back in and I become Martha. So focused on the task s and concerns that I miss the presence of the Master (Luke 10:38-42).

It is like static on the radio. The message is clear to me, but the overlay of noise distracts me to think my value is what I do and how “successful” I am. Yet God’s value system is not of this world. His value system is based on obedience. He asks me, “so, have you followed Me today? Not, “So, how successful are your activities?”

It is difficult to cling to the obedience when He calls us to do things that are not so honorable. It is hard for me to do housework and not get recognition, when I do church work and receive positive public response. Yet, Proverbs 31 teaches us that as we remain steadfast to serving our families, our children will rise up and call us “blessed” and our husbands will praise us saying, “many women have done nobly, but you excel them all.” It may not be a paycheck every two weeks, but it is a long haul job that reaps rewards for generations to come.

Yet the voices of this world still crouch at our doors. “You could be so successful if you just put aside the home and pursue a career! Did God give you all your gifts to spend them on your family?” The enemy taunts us women to disregard God’s calling on our lives. Praise be to God who raises His voice so we can hear Him above the static of the world! 1 Peter 3:5-7 teaches us that we can be “daughters” of Sarah if we do what is right and do not give way to fear.

In our home life and in our public life, we are to seek the peace from God. Martha in Luke 10 was not chastised for being organized or efficient, but for “being worried about many things.” It is good to be disciplined and diligent (Prov. 31), but not at the cost of allowing the noise around fill us with anxiety.

Lord, help me to live in obedience and faithfulness to You, no matter the sacrifice or leading. No matter in my private or public life. I often want You to lead me directly to the promise land, yet You lead me to the wilderness to make me holy. I want You to lead me to Jerusalem, but You lead me to Nineveh for fruitfulness. I want You to lead me to worldly success, and You lead me to humble submission to teach me dependance on You. Thank You for your patience and provision. Thank You for leading. Thank You for Your peace. Help me to be a daughter of Sarah and have a heart like Mary so when the baby comes, I will be centered in You. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.


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